Breeding Program

Emphasis on the female is of the utmost importance here at Stokman, as the quality of the female is the key to a successful breeding program.

Our original cows went back to the great pathfinder sires of the Angus breed in the USA; bulls known for producing outstanding females. Stokman cows must have the right combination of femininity, fertility, mothering ability and have a moderate frame size with good volume. We also put a lot of emphasis on udder quality, calving ease and fast, early growth. Our bulls leave us, but the cows stay and we are very proud of the cow herd here today.

All the cows calve as two year olds, and to stay in the herd they have to be back in calf every year. We only retain the top 70 heifers to come back into the herd each year.

Every technological tool available is utilised to ensure we know everything there is to know about our cattle. Every animal is HD50K tested at birth and everything is carcass scanned too – even the culls. Information is power in a stud operation.

We source semen from the USA, Australia and also from some of our own young sires. The top calving ease and short gestation bull here in New Zealand in 2021 is Stokman Real Deal, bred right here in the Waikete Valley.

Profitable cattle for the commercial farmer are low input, high output. Our Mature Cow weights are 15kg below breed average and with our 400 and 600 day growth EBVs on or above breed average, this creates really efficient cattle. You can’t argue with the science behind EBVs and getting enough IMF into carcasses to ensure carcass premiums are reached is also really important.

We believe that when you purchase a Stokman bull, it truly is an investment for the future.

“We can see that marbling and grass fed beef is a very marketable commodity, both here in New Zealand and in the export market.”

Mark Stokman

Stokman Angus are proud to be an AngusPure Partner Stud

AngusPure NZ have a vision, to create an ‘AngusPure Moment’.  A moment in time when anyone, anywhere in the world, is able to share in the finest grass-fed beef eating experience.

By using quality genetics and implementing best management practice, together we will forge this AngusPure moment.